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Can movers move a pool table?

A pool table is a very unique item that you should definitely mention to your chosen movers and packers in Ventura CA and double check if they can move it. Most of the local moving companies are not specialized in moving a pool table and they will always recommend moving it by specialized pool table movers in order not to jeopardize your item.

WIll movers move a gun safe?

Another specific item that you should consult about with your local movers. Every local moving company has a weight limit for handling heavy items, so if your gun safe is within, you are good to go. Usually moving such a heavy item might require more movers than usual.

Why tip movers?

Tipping became a part of our culture and that is why it is kinda expected to tip someone who helped you with something or provided some sort of service. Ventura Moving Company has its own employees that have their paychecks and you are not obligated to tip them, unless you feel so. However, it is a nice gesture if you are satisfied with the service. How much to tip the movers is completely up to you!

Where to hire movers?

In the ideal world, you can get a recommendation or referral by someone who moved recently. However, that is usually not the case and you will have to do your research. The easiest way is to type ‘furniture movers near me’ and start exploring websites and reviews of multiple local movers you find there. After that you should go with the one that seems to have everything you have been looking for.

How many movers do I need?

Local moving companies are experienced when it comes to planning your move as well, so based on the information you provide them with, they will advise you how many movers you need in order to safely and efficiently complete your move. Number of movers depends on many different factors, such as size of your move, heavy items, stairs etc.

What do movers charge?

Most of the local moving companies are charging hourly rates for their services because they don’t do onsite estimates and they don’t have prices based on inventory lists like cross country movers. However, you might find different cases, so don’t be surprised if someone offers you a flat rate for your relocation. The most important thing is to have someone who is transparent about all the fees you might have.

Movers who will pack for you?

Any professional movers are trained packers as well, so they can assist with packing if you request so. It is usually not part of their standard service, so you should mention over the phone that you would like packing as well.

Are movers insured?

Not all moving companies are insured unfortunately, that is why you should be cautious when booking your movers. Try not to settle for furniture movers that don’t have insurance because that can be a very painful process if something gets damaged.

When movers damaged furniture?

After you hire an insured local movers and they damage something, you are wondering what is the next step? Your furniture movers in Ventura CA probably have basic coverage insurance, like many other Californian companies, so you should start a claim process with them. Once you give them a call to file a claim, they will guide you through the process.

Can movers work in the rain?

Yes! Professional movers can help you with your move no matter weather conditions. In case that is raining, they will just have extra protection for your belongings, so nothing gets damaged because of the rain.