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When it comes to local moving help, we want our clients to feel safe throughout the moving process.

Ventura Moving Company is proud to say we have been in the moving business since 2000. This locally owned business has been serving our customers in and around the Ventura area, striving to provide them with the best moving help there is. We have now welcomed an entirely new generation of Ventura movers business that is operating in our area. Our moving story all started as a family business and now we have started something we hope to become a family tradition in the years to come. We believe that is why we have been able to relate to our customers and their families as well as our commercial moving clients, given that our packers and movers have not only professional but personal experience with it, as well.

Throughout the years our moving company grew from 7 employees to 27 staff members that are helping you schedule your move, perform your relocation and make sure to get back to you to collect your feedback after the move is done. As our company started growing and expanding, our criteria became higher. Today, we don’t think anything is good for our clients unless it’s the best. But we don’t expect you to rely on our help based on simply our words, we think that actions speak much louder. Ventura Moving Company has become a moving company that people turn to when in need of some Ventura movers, or packers and movers because they’ve heard of the services we’ve provided their friends and family with. This wide network of people who have put their trust in our moving company has been the motivation for us to remain working as hard as if it was our first day in the industry, striving to remain the most reliable movers nearby.

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Our goal: Ventura Moving Company tries to continuously strive to exceed our customer’s expectations in value and high standards of satisfaction.

We believe in making moving easier for you. But we also believe in making moving easier for everyone. We believe that with the best packers and movers, we have managed to push the limits at least a bit and help create a healthier, better, more professional environment for every moving company in the area to work and function. We weren’t really happy with the way the moving industry was situated when we started over two decades ago. The feeling we have that we have contributed to improving that image is what keeps us motivated for moving forward.

We would never manage to get there if we haven’t been careful with who we accepted as new members of our moving and packing help teams. We have been putting a lot of effort into the recruitment process, making sure that we only choose those people who aren’t just skilled in moving, but who are skilled in a discipline much more difficult, which is called- being a good man.

With all of the above, we are confident to invite you to get familiar with our company, with the services we offer, with the people who have been providing our dear neighbors with moving help and packing help throughout these past 22 years. It would be our honor to work with you and make your moving ideas come to life.